Form is an independent, privately owned high-tech company founded in 1992 by two design engineers.

Since 1996 Form has focused on automated test equipment (ATE) for microelectronics. The business specialises in R&D, design, manufacturing, service and support for our own Formula ® test system.

Today, our own product range includes eight models of ATE, Formula® for VLSI, memory hardware, semiconductors and relay equipment. There are nearly 500 Formula test systems in operation in total. Additionally, our product portfolio includes the TestBox® Test Solution, designed for about 700 different electronic components used by our customers.

All Formula® models have the status of metrological equipment, meaning that they are under state metrology control. Our customers can have full confidence in their components after they have been checked by Formula.

We currently sell our products and services exclusively in the domestic market. Our customers are: Design centres, Integrated device manufacturers, Final product manufacturers and Test houses.

To maintain Formula’s ATE operations and provide support for every region from the east to the west of Russia, we have a strong customer service department. This is one of the most important drivers for the innovative activities of our R&D and production departments, as well as our quality management system and CRM.

The organisational structure of Form covers the entire life cycle of the Formula® and TestBox® Test Solution products. It involves company departments in the processes that arise from the concept of a new ATE product and includes design, manufacturing, metrology, sale, supply, delivery and operational support. There are nine departments in the company with 86 workers in total, including scientists, engineers and other trained specialists.

As the leading ATE company in the Russian market, we aspire to become an international enterprise and take our products, knowledge, experience, quality and 20 years of ATE specialisation onto the global market.