The ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory is an innovative, highly integrated,
and out-of-the-box technology developed by FORM that enables complex
automated quality control of electronic
components from A to Z.


The ILFORM Laboratory introduces a system solution for incoming inspection and tests. It includes a complex of test and measuring equipment and instruments, linked by the Kamchatka Information System to automate the continuous information management process during testing and measurements.

The ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory is a reliable solution that prevents using defective components in the final product, and in the event of faulty devices performs a quick retrospective analysis of deviations along the entire quality control chain.

Our clients benefit from implementing ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory:


Ensures reliability of test results


Allows to complete the test plan on time and with minimal resources


Dramatically reduces the cost of engineering and technical support for the test process


Automates regulatory traceability and identification procedures


Assists in addressing labor shortages and compensating skilled workers


Allows to begin testing immediately after the installation of equipment


The ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory enables the complex automation of the business process including testing electronic components and traceability of the test results. The equipment composition of the ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory provides highly automated testing of a wide range of microcircuits, semiconductor devices, electromagnetic relays, and RF devices through test methods, parametric measurements, functional tests, and diagnostic tools.

The ILFORM Laboratory is focused, first of all, on the incoming inspection of electronic components. Furthermore, implementing the Incoming Inspection Laboratory also allows performing:

  • Certification tests.
  • Serial production tests – pass/fail test, acceptance test, periodic and qualification tests.
  • Design testing and researching the newly developed types of electronic components.


The ILFORM Laboratory consists of products created by FORM:

  • Automatic Test Equipment for testing electronic components and RF devices – FORMULA® Test Systems
  • Library of ready-made TestBox® test solutions for measuring and testing 550 types of microcircuits, semiconductor devices, and relays
  • Kamchatka Information System for ensuring automated traceability during tests based on the identification and continuous information management on quality control of electronic components
  • Coding and recognition tools for automated DUT identification

The ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory is designed as a modular scalable system, open for software and hardware integration with a wide range of additional equipment and instruments. We recommend extending the Laboratory configuration by including additional features:

  • Metrological equipment – software, external instruments, and sets of verification accessories for conducting independent periodic calibration on customer’s site.
  • Test equipment – heat and cold chambers, thermostream temperature forcing systems, vibration test equipment, etc.
  • Handlers, probers, etc.
  • Laboratory and office furniture, accessories.


It is FORMULA® Test Systems that are the metrological center of the Incoming Inspection Laboratory and the main source of information for the implementation of traceability procedures. FORMULA® Test Systems are developed and mass-produced by FORM and approved by Rosstandard. They include seven types of automated test equipment for parametric measurements and functional tests of electronic components. Testers provide metrological reliability of measurements, high performance, strict compliance with regulatory documents, technical requirements and specifications for tested products.

Each type of test system is designed to perform complex automated quality control of the corresponding class of electronic devices during incoming inspection, production, acceptance and certification tests. FORMULA® Test Systems are approved and included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments:


Ultra High-Frequency VLSI Test System 550 MHz/1024 Channels


High-Frequency VLSI Test System 200 MHz/512 Channels


High-Frequency VLSI Test System 20 MHz/256 channels

All FORMULA® Test Systems are the result of the development of the FORM enterprise utilizing ingenious technical solutions in designing hardware, software and specialized electronic components. Active production drawings for each type of manufactured measuring instrument ensure continuous support of the equipment life cycle and proper State metrological supervision.

FORMULA® Test Systems are produced at FORM's production facility in Moscow using first-class technological equipment, components and materials in accordance with the QMS requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2015 in relation to the development, design, production, supply and maintenance of automatic test equipment for electronic components.

FORM enterprise provides technical services and support throughout the entire service life test systems: both during the warranty and post-warranty periods. Today, FORM technical support includes more than 400 units of FORMULA® Test Systems and more than 550 types of Test Solutions, which are used for incoming control, production tests and certification of electronic components.


Each TestBox® Test Solution is a fully packaged product that transforms the FORMULA® Test System into a complete workstation for testing electronic components, featuring:

  • Package and wafer testing
  • Multisite and single modes
  • Testing under normal conditions and extreme temperatures (thermostream, hot and cold chamber)
  • Operability with handlers and probers
  • Specialized test fixture for specific type of electronic component
  • Test program
  • Datasheet and operating manual
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Technical support
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The Kamchatka Information System is an automated system for ensuring the test results traceability and is the intellectual core of the Incoming Inspection Laboratory. The Kamchatka Information System helps to prevent errors based on human factors in terms of identification and traceability procedures. Errors of manual labor create considerable problems in the quality assurance of electronic components, including:

  • Risk of transferring a defective component to production.
  • Risk of false rejection of usable components.
  • High cost, incompleteness and risk of the unreliability of manual data registration procedures.
  • Difficulties in performing operational and, especially, retrospective analysis of defective components when manually retrieving information.
  • Difficulties in generating data for defect reports and developing corrective actions, etc.

The Kamchatka Information System solves these problems, dramatically reducing both risks and costs by automating identification and traceability procedures along the entire chain of tests and measurements through paperless data management on devices, test flow and results of quality control. Upon request, the following information is provided:

  • Movement and location of batches of electronic components, accompanying documentation, test programs and test flows.
  • Measurement data: quality characteristics (in the form of complete and express test reports), number of tested and rejected products, types of defects, parametric drifts within the batch and time period, etc.
  • Test flow and measurement procedures: conditions and time of the processes, data on the technical and metrological state of the equipment used, test solutions used, state of the environment, information on the contractors, etc.
  • Management data: test plan progression, the actual labor intensity of operations, equipment failures, productivity rates for planning machine time, the timing of routine maintenance, etc.
  • Information for automatic generation of reports for the test and measurement data analysis according to specified criteria.

Wizards for generating statistical reports, built into the user interface of the Kamchatka Information System empower operational and retrospective analysis, helping in developing and plan corrective actions in the event of failed devices during operation. Automated data management of the Kamchatka Information System eliminates manual errors and restricts unauthorized changes to the test and measurement data.

Due to the end-to-end identification of devices under test (batches, equipment, instruments, fixture, storage locations, etc.), as well as the automated collection, storage and retrieval of test results, the Kamchatka Information System dramatically reduces the risk of using defective electronic components in production, as well as the risk of false rejection.


To reduce the client’s time and costs for support work, FORM® offers the following technical services:

  • Integration of the ILFORM Incoming Inspection Laboratory or its components into the client’s technological, informational and testing infrastructure, with connection of external equipment, instruments and IT networks
  • Scheduled maintenance, repair and metrological services at client’s site
  • Expansion of the Incoming Inspection Laboratory configuration according to a list of typical options, or by developing customized solutions
  • Development of customized TestBox® Test Solutions for conducting tests and measurements

Providing TestBox® Test Solutions Library for temporary use.