FORMULA® TT3 Test System

The high level of comprehensive automation of all stages of the measurement process provided by the FORMULA® TT3 ATE makes it possible to concentrate on the most important things – the features of operation, and analysis of deviations in the semiconductor devices tested. The hardware/software, design and metrological solutions realized in the test system ensure highly reliable results, keep the work of test personnel free of routine and errors, and significantly increase operational efficiency when performing measurements and tests at industry facilities.

Purpose and application

The FORMULA® TT3 Test System is a universal testing and measuring system designed for comprehensive automated verification of the static parameters of semiconductor devices: field effect and bipolar transistors and IGBTs, diodes, thyristors, voltage regulator diodes, optrons and microassemblies, as well as:

  • measuring capacitance: input, cross and output capacitance for field effect transistors and IGBTs;
  • measuring charge: gate-drain, gate-source and total charge for field effect transistors and IGBTs;
  • measuring individual parameters of passive components (L, C, R).

The applications of the Test System are quality control of semiconductor devices when conducting tests and studies of newly developed types of semiconductor devices, and during in-production testing in series production.

The FORMULA® TT3 meets the requirements of the metrological standards for measurements and tests in microelectronics.

Basic technical characteristics and functional capabilities

FORMULA® TT3 Test Systems have been created to carry out highly reliable measurements of the parameters of semiconductor devices. The key technical characteristics of the Test Systems are defined by the following values:

Key technical characteristics
Number of operator posts
Connection scheme
Four-terminal (Kelvin) sensing
Voltage source and measure resources
Range of specified and measured voltage
±100 mV…±2000 V
Number of independent voltage source and measure resources
10; 20; 200; 500; 800; 2000 V
Error in voltage setting and measurement
from ±(0.5% + 10) mV
Current source and measure resources
Range of specified and measured current
±100 nA…±100 А
Number of independent current source and measure resources
5 mA; 200 mA; 10 А; 100 А
Error in current setting and measurement
from ±(1% ± 50) nA
Low current mode
±2 nA…±20 mA with error from ±(0.4% + 400) pA
Capacitance characteristics measurement mode
from 0.1 pF to 100 nF
Charge characteristics measurement mode
from 10 pC to 2000 nC

The Test System is a functionally complete automated tool for measuring a wide range of semiconductor devices and provides users with the following advantages:

  • High readiness of equipment for measurements and tests
  • Automation of all stages of the measurement process and data management
  • Operating modes with automated probes, automatic loaders, test equipment and instruments
  • High-speed Multisite mode
  • Reliability in round-the-clock operations
  • User-friendly, fully functional software
  • Quickly interchangeable test fixtures
  • Automatic diagnostics and metrological calibration
  • Special solutions for independent metrological tests on the Client representative side (test jacks for connection of model devices).

The following capabilities of the equipment make the FORMULA® TT3 Test System easy to use:

  • Short pulse (from 300 μs) mode for measurement of high-power transistors, eliminating the need for technically difficult heat removal from the test subject;
  • Programming of parameters of output effects on test subject for duration and voltage/current;
  • Multichip mode for testing transistor and diode assemblies;
  • Test subject study modes with measurement of UI characteristic and capacity-voltage characteristic ;
  • Precision measurement mode in the low current range from 2 nA on water and in the package;
  • Mode for measuring capacitance characteristics of FETs and IGBTs;
  • Mode for measuring charge characteristics of FETs and IGBTs;
  • Performance of all types of measurements with connection of semiconductor devices by a Fourterminal (Kelvin) sensing.

Workplace ergonomics and safety

The design ensures reliable protection of the high-voltage measurement zone, guaranteeing complete electrical safety for the operator.

Means for integration with external equipment

The FORMULA® TT3 Test System is equipped with hardware and software for integration with both domestic and foreign made external equipment: probes, test equipment, external devices, automatic loaders and automatic sorters. Options can be provided when purchasing the system and later, during operation, as part of ATE reconfiguration. There are options for ATE integration, including special software modules, switches and integrated Handler, RS232, GPIB and LAN ports.

Use of the FORMULA® TT3 in testing of semiconductor devices

The design, hardware and software of the test system create good conditions for testing semiconductor devices, including for tests combined with measurements, for example, using hot-cold chambers.

A general view of a FORMULA® workstation with a ThermoStream hotcold chamber installed is shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 1 A general view of a FORMULA® workstation with a ThermoStream hotcold chamber installed

FORMULA® TT3 Test system software

FORMULA® TT3 Test System operation is controlled by FTT software developed by FORM for maximum user convenience.
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Measurement accessories

The FORMULA® TT3 Test System delivery package includes diverse types of measurement accessories developed and manufactured by FORM to ensure that the system is introduced into the user’s operations as quickly as possible and provide a faster return on investment Fig. 8

Custom and factory-ready TestBox® Test Solutions

So that FORMULA® TT3 Test System clients can more quickly achieve their business objectives and promptly see a return on investment, FORM offers both factory-ready and custom TestBox® Test Solutions for measuring specific types of microcircuits: under normal conditions and under the impact of extreme temperatures.

Each TestBox® Test Solution includes:

  • specialized test fixture for connecting a specific type of VLSI circuit
  • a disk with VLSI circuit test program
  • A data sheet with TestBox
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

A group of experienced engineers at our testing laboratory develops designs and software for Test Solutions. The quality of TestBox® Test Solutions is the result of their correspondence to the regulations on ECB and electronic components, technical requirements and Client specifications.

Today, more than 550 types of Test Solutions already developed are used by FORMULA® Test System Clients, providing consistent metrological support for quality control of electronic components.

By purchasing the TestBox®, Clients can significantly reduce the time required to put their products on the market.


Manufacturer’s services

To reduce the Client’s time and costs for support work, FORM offers the following technical services to FORMULA® TT3 Test System Clients:

  • Integration of FORMULA® TT3 Test Systems into the Client’s technological, informational and testing infrastructure, with connection of external equipment, instruments and IT networks
  • Scheduled maintenance, repair and metrological services at the place where the ATE is operated
  • Organization of workstations based on FORMULA® TT3 Test Systems with a database for ensuring traceability of measurements
  • Expansion of the ATE configuration according to a list of typical options, or with custom development of options

Delivery composition of FORMULA® Test System

The FORMULA® TT3 Test System has modular bus architecture and allows for custom hardware and software configuration according to the design versions indicated in the type description of the means of measurement.

The configuration of each Test System is determined based on an analysis of the Client’s tasks, requirements and preferences, and is reflected in the Delivery Specification, as well as in the data sheet for each Test System.

The delivery set includes complete operating and metrological documentation and an initial calibration certificate.

Manufacturer’s warranties and operator support

The hardware warranty is 1 year and provides for free visits by engineers to the place where the ATE is operated for warranty repair and unscheduled metrological calibration.

At the end of the warranty period, FORM offers Clients a service contract and provides technical service and metrological service upon individual Client request.

The FORM technical support service provides FORMULA® Test System Clients with the following unlimited free services:

  • Consultation via telephone, email and fax, during terminal sessions, and directly at FORM premises
  • Methodological assistance in complaint analysis
  • Remote ATE diagnostics with fault detection
  • Updating of software versions
  • Arranging for maintenance and repair
  • Information on new ATE options and new Test Solutions
FORMULA® Test System warranty service and maintenance in operations are provided by the developer and manufacturer, FORM.

Delivery time and price

The FORMULA® TT3 Test System delivery time is from 9 to 15 weeks depending on the configuration.

The cost includes:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Delivery to the Client’s address, with installation and connection of the ATE on the Client’s premises
  • Client personnel training on rules for FORMULA® ATE operation and development of test programs
  • Commissioning of Test System with application of TestBox® Test Solutions