Tech support

Professional system of service and maintenance of technically complex equipment from the Manufacturer is the insurance of its effective usage over the product life cycle.

The FORM Technical Support Service stand by providing Clients with service and operations of FORMULA Test Systems, including the development and application of TestBox Test solutions.


Contact FORM Technical Support Service for consultations, send your requests for maintenance service and update of Test Systems, for development and delivery of Test solutions, for specialized and basic training courses; express your observations, suggestions, comments on the quality of our products and services, ask relevant to your working process questions.


We work to make the interaction between the Client and the Manufacturer simple and effective for solving emerging tasks. Our engineers are always ready to simulate your situation on the equipment available in the FORM testing laboratory.


The purpose of Technical Support Service is the maintenance of our Client in any situation related to ECB testing on FORMULA Test Systems, as well as technical and organizational assistanse in all aspects of warranty and post-warranty service, studing, training courses, namely:
Preparation of clients for the operation of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Test solutions.
Organization of scheduled implementation of ATE and
Test solution at the client enterprise.
Client assistance in the field of operations, maintenance
and repair.
Management if incidents occurring during the operation of ATE and Test solution, work with reclamations.