FORMULA HF Ultra Test System

The FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System is an ATE for functional and parametric testing of ultrahigh frequency VLSI circuits.

The applications for FORMULA® HF are quality control of VLSI circuits, testing and studies of newly developed types of VLSI circuits, and production monitoring for serial products.

The FORMULA® HF Ultra meets the requirements of metrological standards in measurement and testing in microelectronics.

The FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System is the flagship of our line of FORMULA® HF VLSI circuit high frequency test systems.

Primary technical characteristics

The FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System was created for reliable measurement and testing of a wide range of VLSI circuits.

The key technical characteristics of the ATE are

  • Number of universal bidirectional pins — up to 1024
  • Functional testing frequency — up to 550 MHz per pin
  • Precision generator reference frequency — 1200 MHz
  • Vector/error memory — up to 128 М/128 М vectors
  • DAC/ADC measurement unit — 1200 MOPS/24 bit

The FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System is a functionally complete automated means of measurement for VLSI circuits and provides:

  • High readiness of equipment for measurements and tests
  • Automation of all stages of the measurement process and data management
  • High-speed Multisite mode
  • Operating modes with automated probes, automatic loaders, test equipment and instruments
  • Reliability in round-the-clock operations
  • User-friendly, fully functional software
  • Quickly interchangeable test fixtures
  • Automatic diagnostics and metrological calibration

FORMULA® has modular bus architecture that implements the principle of custom configuration of equipment with a choice of primary and secondary devices corresponding to the range of measurement and testing tasks.

Use of the FORMULA® HF Ultra for testing of VLSI circuits under the environmental conditions

The design, hardware and software of the FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System create optimum conditions for testing microcircuits, including for testing combined with measurements, for example, using ThermoStream units and flow climatic chambers.

Measurements under temperature effects directly on the spring base, without using cables, and without loss of signal quality are supported.

One of the priorities in the design of the system was to develop methods for the ATE to signal transmission back and forth to the device under test (DUT) with minimal signal loss and distortion.

An original new-generation contact system, designed for measurements under both normal conditions and in the temperature range from –60 °C to +125 °C, was developed especially for the FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System.

Reliability, convenience, fast installation, and attachment and replacement of test fixtures are achieved by using a precision spring device, special frames for large test fixtures and POGO-PIN contacts that guarantee at least a million test fixture connections.

The ATE is equipped with means for integration with external equipment, including probes, test equipment and external instruments.

The measurement unit rotation manipulator has an electrical lead with electronic control, which provides optimum workstation ergonomics in all operating modes.

FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System software complex

The FORMULA® Test System software complex FormHF is the GUI-based environment designed for all stages of the measurement process.

The FormHF software complex is essentially a system for automation of the laborious process of development and debugging of test programs which has been adapted for use by a wide range of technical specialists without using programming languages. It supports all standard methods for testing microcircuits.

Graphic interpretation of measurements enables fast assessment of measurement results reduces the time for test development and debugging to a few days.

Test fixtures

The FORMULA® delivery package includes standard installation frames for test boards and complete documentation for independent development of accessories by the Client.

The design of the frames permits accessories of various dimensions.

Custom and factory-ready TestBox® Test Solutions

So that FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System clients can more quickly achieve their business objectives and promptly see a return on investment, FORM offers both factory-ready and custom TestBox® Test Solutions for measuring specific types of microcircuits: under normal conditions and under the impact of extreme temperatures.


Manufacturer’s services

To reduce the Client’s time and costs for support work, FORM offers the following technical services:

  • Integration of FORMULA® HF Ultra Test Systems into the Client’s technological, informational and testing infrastructure, with connection of external equipment, instruments and IT networks
  • Scheduled maintenance, repair and metrological services at the place where the ATE is operated
  • Organization of workstations based on FORMULA® HF Ultra Test Systems with a database for ensuring traceability of measurements
  • Expansion of the ATE configuration according to a list of typical options, or with custom development of options
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