FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System software complex

The FORMULA® Test System software complex FormHF is the GUI-based environment designed for all stages of the measurement process. Only “5 steps” are required to develop and debug software, perform measurements and analyze deviations.

Test System software complex

Test System diagnostics and calibration control and automatic generation of test protocols are supported.

The FormHF software provides automation and tracking of all these processes by creating recordings and restricting personnel access rights to equipment and databases.

The FormHF software complex is essentially a system for automation of the laborious process of development and debugging of test programs which has been adapted for use by a wide range of technical specialists without using programming languages. It supports all standard methods for testing microcircuits, as well as translation of tests from the standard eVCD, WGL, SVF and INTEL/HEX formats.

of data and results

Testing process control includes automatic documentation of the data used to confirm the conformity or nonconformity to the set requirements of the DUTs. The test routines are generated with various levels of detail, from “Accept/Reject” inspection to rehensive reports on measurement modes and results for each microcircuit and each parameter; statistical reports can be generated for any period by lots, types of microcircuits and other criteria.

The test records are saved, easily converted to standard forms used by the Client, and serve as the documentary and metrological basis for managing deviations, and as a basis for quality complaint follow-up at the incoming inspection stage.

and display

ATE integrated analytical tools are used for analysis of functional and parametric deviations detected during measurements and debugging of test programs. These tools include:

  • Logic Analyzer hardware
  • Oscilloscope
  • Error Chart

The following tools are used to study the serviceable ranges and reliability of VLSI circuits: SHMOO diagrams and DRV analysis.

The FormHF software complex as a whole transforms development of a test program into a unique type of assembly for designed parts that reduces the time for test development and debugging to a few days.

Graphic interpretation of measurements enables fast assessment of measurement results and study of the behavior of the instrument measured in a range of impact to make the necessary corrections to the design of VLSI circuits and/or production technology.

External development media

The FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System software environment, while self-sufficient, nevertheless does not limit the developer to the use of only FormHF software; it also enables him to use integrated development environments (IDE) with С++/Pascal language support as desired. This approach provides new possibilities, when necessary, for “manual” changes to automatically generated program code in those cases where creation and use of non-standard measurement methods is required.

Automation of service
and metrological

The intelligent tools of the FormHF software complex automate and minimize FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System maintenance, including diagnostics, adjustment and metrological calibration.

The FormHF software service package covers all aspects of FORMULA® HF Ultra Test System operation, including testing of equipment serviceability, fault detection and verification of metrological compliance.